Term 4 Maths Methods Academy

13th October to 8th December 2019 (Sundays), located near Flinders Street Station

Premium Year 11 & 12 Weekly Workshop (2019)

What are these Workshops about?

I get hundreds of tutoring requests and I hate to say no to everyone. This is my way of being able to work with a small select number of students and has proven to be even more effective than one-on-one tutoring.


Maths Methods Academy is aimed at “average students” or ones who are struggling and is designed to cover upcoming topics before you encounter them in class so that you are more are confident and feel prepared for anything, with also a big focus on exam-style questions.


While these series of classes focus on Term 4 material, if you like, I will also prepare a personalised program for you to complete outside of class for any other topics you have struggled with last term. This is included in the cost of the Workshops and you will get full support, online lessons and worked solutions to ensure you get through this personalised program as rapidly and easily as possible.


Although it is a fun and relaxed environment, you’ll get a lot done in each 2 hour session. In fact, by the end of the 9 weeks, you’ll have a solid conceptual understanding of all Term 4 topics, any other topics you want to work on and will have completed 100 pages of tailor made questions. Nice work!



 Who is teaching you?

Hey guys! It’s Alex, I’m the creator of MathsMethods.com.au with degrees in Mathematics/Astrophysics and I’ve educated students for my entire career. I spent several years rewriting the Maths Methods textbook to create my popular video tutorials that focus on a solid understanding the fundamentals, as this is the key to making Maths Methods easier for all students. I’ve done seminars nationally and internationally and currently have thousands of students, parents and teachers who have benefited from my resources but I have to say, these Weekly Workshops are my favourite! Our students are getting outstanding results and it’s a great environment to learn and to teach in.

Alex - workshop smaller

You’ll also learn how to maximise your tests scores!

How do the sessions run?

There are 9 weekly 2 hour sessions for a select group of Maths Methods Students. Each session will go over concepts you have either just covered in class or are about to cover in the next couple of weeks and is split into two parts:

1. Conceptual understanding of the fundamentals

2. Practice to solidify and apply what you have learnt

I will cover all the major concepts in Term 4 Methods and you have plenty of time to ask any question that you like. Once all the fundamental concepts have been covered, you will receive a worksheet with relevant questions for you to complete. You have detailed worked solutions for each question and plenty of one-on-one support from myself and my tutoring-team if you ever get stuck.

Working with students

Who is this for?

This is designed for an average Maths Methods student or a student who feels like he or she is struggling. If you are already consistently achieving over 90%, this program is probably not right for you.

Eva Students

"After being taught transformations in class my teacher gave me a quiz, my score was 2/10. After the transformations [Weekly] Work Shop, I got 10/10 on the next transformations test."

Eva, Weekly Workshop Student

Why should you attend?

You will learn the fundamental concepts in the most visual and easy to understand manner available, this alone will make class much easier to understand and less stressful. Plus, you’ll also have a studious but easy going environment where you'll get heaps more work done than you normally would. You will be given questions to solve, with worked solutions plus tutors ready to help you out if you get stuck.

What’s included?

9 weekly 2 hour sessions

200 pages of tailor made questions & worked solutions

Tutors to ensure individual attention


The Year 11 Maths Methods Animated Videos ($199 Value)

The Year 12 Maths Methods Animated Videos ($199 Value)

The Maths Methods Revision Videos ($99 Value)

175 VCAA-style Questions for ALL topics ($49 Value)

Methods Made Easy Question Book ($159.95 Value)

Maths Methods Bound Reference ($59.95 Value)

A PDF of the Maths Methods Overview ($24.99 Value)

How much do you get?

Over 18 hours of live interactive workshop

Tutors to answer all your questions

Guarenteed individual attention from Alex and his team

200 pages of tailor made practice questions & solutions

Over 15 hours of animated videos

Over 80 pages notes and cheat-sheets

Nick Student

"The workshops provided a consistent review and preview of what I have been learning in class and what I am going to learn. Giving me the feeling of having an edge over the rest of my class by walking in and having already learned everything. Last year I was below the year level average but this year I’ve been consistently above."

Nick, Weekly Workshop Student

Year 11 Weekly Workshops: Very Limited Seats


When: Sundays, 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Dates: 13th October to 8th December 2019 (9 weeks)

Where: 247 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Cost: $699 per person

...or 12 payments of $60




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Here's what past students have to say:

Daniel Students

“The Workshop was great and gave me a really good understanding of each topic covered throughout the term by giving in-detail lectures and practice questions for us to do. Alex kept the workshops engaging and made the two hours feel a lot smaller. This Workshop has helped raise my score from below average last year to above average this year (30% to 60%).”

Daniel, Weekly Workshop Student

This Workshop helped me out a lot!

I understand the basics of the concepts now, and I am ready to start term 2. This really helps with my SACs and will help with the end of year exams. I’m looking forward to more possible Workshops in the future!


Joshua, Student


Informative in a way that my teacher and the textbook can’t achieve.

It went into immense detail about each topic in the time frame allocated and did not leave and student behind in the sense that the lecture would not continue until everyone understood it. Would recommend to anyone who wants to exceed in Methods or just needs help passing the unit. Everything is explained well.


Meaghan, Student


Excellent presentation – fun and engaging

Excellent presentation – fun and engaging. Explanations were clear and there was enough to for all of our questions to be answered. Slides were awesome – colourful and clear – excellent graphics and fun animations. I certainly cleared many things us and left the seminar armed with much more knowledge. Thank you Alex.


Anonymous, Student


Alex has the greatest energy

I really struggle in Methods Methods but this Workshop really helped explain the fundamentals of Methods in a fun and engaging way. There is a countless number of things I learnt today. Alex has the greatest energy which helped make 4 hours of Maths seem short.


Sarah, Student


Funny and enjoyable

Answered all of my questioned asked and made sure we understood before moving on. Gave lots of examples and explained them thoroughly. Funny and enjoyable. Explained in depth about the meaning of the things like sin, cos and tan and why things equal what they are. Good pace and covered a lot while not being too brief.


Hannah, Student


Makes Methods so much more understandable and enjoyable

I thought it was really helpful how in-depth Alex went with his explanations and where each equation or name was derived from. Makes Methods so much more understandable and enjoyable. With his friendly attitude, I felt confident to ask ‘silly questions’ without being judged and was very glad I came to the Workshop to fill the tiny cracks in my knowledge that was holding me back. Definitely will come back!


Anonymous, Student


Helped a lot

The visualisation and the easy to understand break-down of the equations and formulas helped a lot. The atmosphere was friendly, and Alex really encouraged us to speak up and give it a go.


Trevor, Student


Year 11 Weekly Workshops: Very Limited Seats


When: Sundays, 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Dates: 13th October to 8th December 2019 (9 weeks)

Where: 247 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Cost: $699 per person

...or 12 payments of $60




You will be sent email confirmation instantly after registering