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Over 175 Exam Questions & Solutions

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I feel more confident

I really like the videos. The use of different colours make the explanation easy to comprehend. Initially, I thought antideriving was difficult because the textbook had a very long explanation for it. However, I watched your calculus videos and they were immensely helpful! I feel more confident, especially for Exam 1.

Kimi, VCE Maths Methods Student


How do these tutorials help?


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It’s an awesome website!!!

The video tutorials have been very instructive and exactly what I need thanks. They are short and precise and don’t waffle like a lot of teachers do!!!

Rochelle, VCE Maths Methods Student


  Highly qualified educator

Degrees in Mathematics/Astrophysics,

10 years of experience in education

Specialises in teaching VCE Maths Methods

How useful are these tutorials?


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Couldn’t have done it without you

The videos are really helping. We’ll be coming up to the end of Probability shortly, couldn’t have done it without you.

Fabio, VCE Maths Methods Student



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2 hours of video tutorials that cover every major topic in year 12 Methods


Over 175 Exam questions with fully worked solutions (worth $49)


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MKSize - Wendy Taylor

Dr. Taylor, Head of Mathematics at Bentleigh Secondary:

"I was thrilled to see the videos that Alex Bell put together, they are informative, highly visual and super engaging! They offer students who can’t access the content an alternate entry point, while also being valuable for more capable students who would benefit from a deeper understanding of the ideas behind the skills they are carrying out."


MKSize - Ruth

This has made life so much better!

Thanks so much, seriously this has made life so much better! The amount of people I have recommended the program to is crazy. I found it so helpful and so did they!"

Ruth, VCE Maths Methods Student


Mubin Kazi

93% in both my methods exams!

Hey Alex, I went pretty well! Averaged around 85-90% throughout the year and got 93% in both my methods exams at the end of the year!

Mubin, VCE Maths Methods Student


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