Year 10 Academy

Term 3 Year 10 Online Weekly Classes


Term 3 2024: 17th July to 11th September 2024 (Wednesdays 7:00pm to 8:15pm)

What's it about?

I get hundreds of tutoring requests and I hate to say no to everyone. This is my way of being able to work with a small select number of students and has proven to be even more effective than one-on-one tutoring.

Year 10 is the make-it or break-it year that determines which subject they are going into for their final years of schooling. 

These Workshops are designed to cover upcoming topics before you encounter them in class so that you are more are confident and feel prepared for anything!

Year 10 Maths Academy

When: Wednesdays, 7:00pm to 8:15pm (Melbourne/Sydney time) 

Dates: 17th July to 11th September 2024

Where: Anywhere with an internet connection!

Cost: $349 per person (Normally $499)

...or 7 payments of $60 

Who is the presenter?

Hey guys! It's Alex, I'm the creator of with degrees in Mathematics/Astrophysics. I've helped tens of thousands of students, published over 10 Maths books and created popular video tutorials. I've done seminars nationally and internationally and work with thousands of students, parents and teachers who currently use our resources. I'm super excited to be presenting this workshop and can't wait to see you there!

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Everything was awesome,

learnt a lot from today. It was very good and very worth my time. I loved how the terminology was easy to understand and it made perfect sense to things which were difficult beforehand. Also, Alex’s energy was awesome.”

Ricardo , Maths Student


Simple and easy to understand

I loved how his explanations were simple and easy to understand which will give me a headstart in term one.

Robyn, Maths Student


I had an amazing time!

Panos, Maths Student


The explanations were quick and clear

but at the same time went into enough detail to get a good understanding. Contribution was both accepted and encouraged in order to confirm each individual understood the main concepts.

Samantha, Maths Student

Presentation is very engaging

I liked that the workshop was very well thought-out and covered all the important topics. The content is very well prepared and presentation is very engaging. Well placed break time. I now feel prepared...

Faye, Maths Student


Feeling confident

The Workshop was very well planned and the time and effort that went into it was obvious in its presentation. The presenter was obviously very passionate about the subjects and managed to provide in-depth explanations that were very easy to understand. Feeling confident for term 1 and a new year in maths.

Sarah, Maths Student


Time well spent.

Now feel more comfortable with concepts. Will be able to excel in class.

Maddy, Maths Student


Great Workshop.

Very informative and had a nice positive atmosphere.

Bridget, Maths Student 


Highly recommend it to others.

The Workshop was very helpful and I would highly recommend it to others. I have learnt new techniques and gained a better understanding of what to expect...

Logan, Maths Student


Fun and engaging

Was fun and engaging, would recommend this to my friends as it was a good way to start off the year.

Ben, Maths Student


This Workshop helped me out a lot!

I understand the basics of the concepts now, and I am ready to start term 2. This really helps with my SACs (School Assessment Coursework) and will help with the end of year exams. I’m looking forward to more possible Workshops in the future!

Joshua, Maths Student


Fun and engaging

There is a countless number of things I learnt today. 

Sarah, Maths Student 


Easy to comprehend

Very informative and ties up loose ends which I couldn’t understand by myself. Easy to remember certain things as you give us hints and clues. Overall great as it sums up the terms work in a few hours but it’s done in a simple way that is easy to comprehend.

Ariane, Maths Student

Year 10 Maths Academy

When: Wednesdays, 7:00pm to 8:15pm (Melbourne/Sydney time) 

Dates: 17th July to 11th September 2024

Where: Anywhere with an internet connection!

Cost: $349 per person (Normally $499)

...or 7 payments of $60