I’m going to give you a simple cheatsheet for a topic that a lot of Methods students struggle with, but first I just want to mention a thing or two about the Probability and Statistics topic that all students are about to start.

Probability is often considered the toughest subject in Methods and this year they’ve gone one step further by introducing Statistics. Neither of these topics are as tough they’re made out to be, but they can be challenging and students need to understand each part otherwise they will end up in a mass of confusion.

The Maths Methods video tutorials take away a lot of this confusion by describing each concept step-by-step in a series of short and engaging videos. The result is that students feel more confident about the material, are able to learn more in class and find the topics much easier to grasp.

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Now, let look at this week’s cheatsheet. Many Methods students struggle with the application questions of Calculus that involve displacement, velocity and acceleration. This should help:

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