VCE Maths Methods is a prerequisite for many university courses such as engineering, science, and finance. However, most VCE Maths Methods textbooks are not simple enough and don't contain enough exam-style questions to prepare students for their tests and exams.

Very few VCE Maths Methods textbooks contain any exam-style questions, let alone enough of them. Once a student understands the fundamental concepts, practising exam style questions under timed conditions is the more effective way to increase their confidence and marks during exams and tests.

Also the solutions provided for the questions themselves often only contain the answer, rather than detailed solutions and since there are often errors, this is difficult for the student to confirm they have answered the question correctly or figure out how to do it, as there are no details (or not enough) to show the student how to do it.

What's a better option?

The two common issues that I hear from students are:

1) They can’t do the questions in the textbook


2) Their tests are way more difficult than what they studied!

...and the reason is for both of these is that the textbook teaches HOW to answer a question without explaining WHY and therefore students are missing a big piece of the puzzle. On top of this, it doesn't even contain questions which are similar to their tests!

When a students answers the basic textbook questions, he thinks he understands the topic even if he has no idea what is going on. By looking at the answers or the worked examples, he memorises how to answer the question – but he cannot answer worded questions very easily.

A worded question demands understanding, most other questions do not. This is why you’ll often have a student who proclaims he understands all the content but struggle with application questions.

This Workbook is designed help students understand how to solve questions and contains plenty of exam-style questions to prepare them for their tests. It contains multiple-choice, short-answer and extended-response questions (all based on real exams) so that the students practices problems which are relevant. 

This means this is far superior to any textbook. Even failing students have used this Workbook to achieve an average of 70% or higher.

Click below to obtain a solid foundation so that you can focus more effectively in class, reduce the amount of time you need to spend on study and have access to worded questions which will prepare you for your exams. 

Maths Methods Unit 1 and 2 
Year 11 Term 1
Maths Methods Unit 3 and 4 
Year 12 Term 1

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