Okay, so let’s first look at what the different study scores mean and then we’ll see how much they are marked up.


Standard Study Scores:

30 means in the top 50% of Methods students

35 is the top 26%

40 is top 9%

45 is the top 2%


So a Study Score of 35 is pretty different to what most students think, it means the top 26% of Methods students in Victoria. That means they’ve outperformed over 70% of all the other students!! That’s an amazing achievement.

But a 35 is actually even more impressive than that. Methods is a really tough subject and so students who study it are generally more academic than other subjects such as PE. Since the competition is tougher than a lot of other subjects, your study score gets a boost to compensate for this:


Scaled Study Scores:

20 went to a 21

25 went to 28

30 went to 34

35 went to 40

40 went to 44


It changes slightly every year and while these figures are based on the 2015 scaling, they should be pretty accurate.

Hope this clears some stuff up! Looking forward to seeing many of you at upcoming Maths Methods Workshop.

Keep up the good work, it’s a tough year for everyone and you’re doing great 😀

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