Calculus Basics

INTRODUCTION: Calculus Video & Cheat Sheet Below:   Want the detailed explanation? Get the… Year 12 Maths Methods Video Tutorials: Save study time with short, engaging and comprehensive video tutorials   Over 450+ practice questions to ensure you fully understand the fundamentals   Simple explanations of every topic in year 12 Maths Methods Enrol Now | $199 […]

Term 1: VCAA-Style Extended Respond Questions

Here are a few Extended Response questions based on real VCAA questions to help you get prepared for Term 1 material in your SACs and end of year exams. Click the question to reveal the worked solution: The Maths Methods Overview. Right-click to download them to your computer 🙂 SECTION A: Multiple Choice SECTION B: […]

VCE Maths Methods Exam Timetable

  It is worth figuring out the VCE Maths Methods Exam Timetable as early as possible so that you know when you will be doing your exams because it comes up really fast, usually early November. You can see the exam timetable here:   You have two different exams, both have about 15 minutes […]

VCE Maths Methods Formula Sheet

  On both exams, at the end of the paper, you are given a VCE Maths Methods Formula sheets with some of the key formulas you may need in the exam. To be honest, they pretty much use the same thing year after year, so it isn’t specialized to the exam you will be sitting […]

VCE Maths Methods Study Design

  The VCE Maths Methods Study Design changes about every four years. The current study design was originally intended for 2016 to 2018 but now has been extended to 2020. You can see the latest VCE Maths study design below:   It’s important to know when the study design changes, especially if you are […]

✈ Your SAC mark & ATAR – Fully Explained

  Your SAC mark means less than you think… While the SAC (School Assessed Coursework) makes up 34% of the total mark you receive for Methods, the mark you just got back for your SAC might be a bit misleading! I touched on this a couple of a weeks ago but now I'm giving you […]

How much does VCE Methods get SCALED up?

  Okay, so let’s first look at what the different study scores mean and then we’ll see how much they are marked up.   Standard Study Scores: 30 means in the top 50% of Methods students 35 is the top 26% 40 is top 9% 45 is the top 2%   So a Study Score […]

✂ How much does the SAC affect your ATAR?

You’re interested in knowing how your SAC mark will affect your ATAR, but first, let’s get a good idea of what study scores actually mean. A study score of 30 is average, 40 is top 9% and 45 is the top 2%. A study score of 35 indicates you are in the top 26% of […]

Calculus Cheatsheets for VCE Maths Methods

Awesome calculus cheat sheets! taken from the The Maths Methods Overview. You are going to LOVE number 3, it is super handy and for some reason not in textbook…Right-click to download them to your computer 🙂 1. Doing Basic Derivatives     2. The Chain Rule     3. All the Derivatives     4. […]

VCE Maths Methods – Derive Anything!

Hi guys! Right now you are probably learning how to derive a whole bunch of different things: This is going to make your life much easier… First, is a music video that describes the derivative of all the basic functions: And here is a cheat sheet on how to derive any basic function:     […]