VCE Maths Methods Exam Timetable


It is worth figuring out the VCE Maths Methods Exam Timetable as early as possible so that you know when you will be doing your exams because it comes up really fast, usually early November.

You can see the exam timetable here:


You have two different exams, both have about 15 minutes reading time which you can use to figure out questions or get a good idea of what the exam is about – which ever you prefer.


Exam 1 is usually first and is generally simpler and test your general understanding but does have a few extended response questions which are tougher. You cannot bring a calculator or bound reference into this exam.

The tougher exam is generally Exam 2 and contains 20 multiple choice questions and a few extended response questions, which are pretty tough so you shouldn’t feel bad if you have a hard time answering them. You can bring a Bound Reference and a graphic calculator into this exam.

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