Hi guys!

I’ve included a new video tutorial lesson below, but first we should look at how to start getting you prepared for the exam.

You should ideally focus on two things: 1) A complete understanding of all topics in Maths Methods, 2) To get through a ton of practice exams.

Understanding the fundamentals makes it quicker and easier to get through practice questions. It’s important because exam questions often test the depth of your understanding much more than ones in your textbook. However, practise itself is key to getting your desired study score, so this understanding needs to be achieved rapidly.

Maths Methods in 2.5 Hours explains the concepts thoroughly, as one student said, “It helped me A LOT. They were brief but also detailed and I was following it unlike other videos I watch YouTube.” Andrea, VCE Maths Methods Student.

Below is the first Statistics video tutorial in Maths Methods in 2.5 Hours. It covers the basics and each video builds on the previous one until the entire topic is covered.

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