Hi guys!

It makes much more sense to begin the year with pictures and graphs than it does to begin with symbols and definitions.

But if you pick up almost any textbook, this is not how they do it…

Term 1 involves a lot of algebra and crazy symbols, and it can seem pretty daunting at first – but that’s because it hasn’t been put into context. When you can visualise the symbols and have clear picture of what they mean in your mind then it comes together pretty nicely.

So let’s start with the FIRST topic you SHOULD learn in 2017.

Last week I talked about the importance of Parabolas and how they are the key to understanding almost any graph – if you didn’t get this lesson then let me know. Moving on, let’s look at how to sketch a whole bunch of different graphs with the first Maths Methods Video Tutorials of 2017. Click the image below to watch it:

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