Normal Distributions

Cheat-sheet below:

 Normal Distributions in Maths Methods

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To be prepared for the exam a student needs a decent bound reference, plenty of practice questions with full worked solutions and a summary of the entire year – which is exactly what we have below. Click an image to learn more:

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Maths Methods Bound Reference


Bound Reference

  • 90-page colourful summary
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Maths Methods Online Revision Questions


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Maths Methods Online Revision Questions


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What’s the difference?

The The Bound Reference is a summary of the entire Year 12 Maths Methods. It’s full of colourful diagrams and simple explanations that can be used during class or as Bound Reference in certain tests and exams. It has plenty of space for extra notes.

The Revision Workbook are a series of exam questions based on real Year 12 Maths Methods Exams – they contain fully worked solutions and are divided up into over 20 different topics so that you can study one topic at a time. It includes short answer, multiple choice and extended response questions – all with fully worked solutions. Plus if you can’t answer a question, you can send me an email and I’ll personally help you figure it out.

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It also includes a series of a detailed Revision Video Tutorials that cover every topic this year ($99 if purchased separately). The animations and visual explanations of each concept are so descriptive that Year 12 Methods is covered in just 2.5 hours.