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What’s the benefit

You can cover more of the curriculum

Unless your student is already a high achiever, it’s impossible to cover everything and be satisfied that they fully understand it. These video tutorials provide students with a solid foundation, which means they learn faster and have a deeper understanding of what you teach them.

Higher marks on their SACs and exams

You can spend less time on the basics and focus on preparing them for tougher questions that they’ll come across in SACs and exams.

Less repetition in tutoring sessions

Ever have to explain the same question multiple times? When a student watches the relevant video before or after each session, they are far more likely to retain what you’ve taught them.

Here’s a sample from the revision videos

Videos could never replace a tutor

A video could never replace the one-on-one interaction with a tutor. These videos cover the basics and are designed to be coupled with a tutor to ensure that the student can apply what they’ve learnt, ask questions about anything they don’t understand and be fully prepared for SACs and exams.

VCE Maths Methods Tutor Melbourne

How do your students get access?

1) They can enter their email at MathsMethods.com.au to get some free resources


2) The can purchase access to the full course from MathsMethods.com.au

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