It’s Not Too Late

Why it is not too late for you

You may feel overwhelmed, that there’s too much on and that you’ll probably never catch up: This is not true, you’ll be fine.

There are students who are behind that cram at the end of the year and still get into the course that they want. However, this is the hard way to do it and not everyone who does this succeeds. If you want to save yourself a mental breakdown, I’d start getting ahead now while you’re in the holidays – there is still time and you can make it work. Just don’t wait any longer.

My recommendation? Study Term 3 new topics before you do revision. First, get yourself prepared for whatever you need in Term 3. Once you are armed with everything you need in Term 3 THEN you can go back and fill in the gaps (revise Term 1 & 2). This way, when you hit class you’ll feel more confident and ready for anything and because you are now ahead, you’ll have more time to go back and revise.

The best way to do this in Maths Methods is different than what most people are doing.

Three years ago, no one used online videos to learn or revise the topics: Now everyone uses videos. It’s been around for a decade, but it takes a long time for people to accept new and more effective ways of learning.

Our latest and most effective learning tool is the Maths Methods in 2.5-hour videos but it will be a few years before the majority of students catch on to how useful it is.

Maths Methods in 2.5 hours is not just a cut down version of the full Maths Methods Video Tutorials (which cover the whole year in 13 hours) but a series of videos which are designed to help anyone cover the entire year in detail – it just so happens to do it in 2.5 hours, which no one has ever done before.

If a student used these, did practise questions and then immediately hit exam questions as soon as possible, it is simply the most effective use of their study time. As one of my students said:


Brief but also detailed

It helped me A LOT. They were brief but also detailed and I was following it unlike other videos I watch YouTube.

Andrea, VCE Maths Methods Student


Students who use the Maths Methods in 2.5 hours videos to save huge amounts of time in their study – and since the video tutorials are only 3 minutes each, it’s easy to find time to watch them.

To help students can get ahead in Term 3 and rapidly revise Term 1 & 2, we created the package below:

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  • Videos Tutorials that cover the ENTIRE year in just 2.5 hours
  • Over 175 VCAA-Style Exam questions with fully worked solutions

This covers everything you need right now to catch up and get ahead in Methods as rapidly as possible. You even have heaps of practice questions based on real exams, which are the most effective way to prepare you for the real exam.

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