Next year in Year 12 Methods…

Here's what to expect in Methods in Year 12!

If you’re going into Year 12, you will cover most of the Year 11 in the first two terms, plus a few additional topics thrown into the mix.

You will also go into Calculus in much more detail and learn a variety of new techniques.

The biggest difference, however, is that Probability becomes a major topic and takes up almost a third of the year. For example, you will learn to use Calculus in Probability (which is actually not as bad as it sounds).

Although a lot of the content is similar, the additional topics means that classes move a lot faster and the questions are more challenging. It’s even more important to understand the concepts thoroughly AND do plenty of tough practise questions as early as possible.

I’ve written a workbook that enables any student (even if they struggled in Year 11) to understand the concepts and contains plenty of exam-style questions with fully worked solutions to help prepare you for texts. It is the same Workbook I use in my weekly classes (The Maths Methods Academy) and has helped students gain a dramatic increase in their confidence, understand and marks. You can learn more below:

  • Questions for each topic
  • Fully worked solutions
  • Exam-Style questions
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  • Hope this helps! As I mentioned, I'm keeping this simple so that I don't confuse everyone! If you have a specific question about what to expect next year, send me a message below! - Alex Bell

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