How much does the Methods SAC affect your ATAR?

How Much Does the SAC Affect Your ATAR?

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You’re interested in knowing how your SAC mark will affect your ATAR, but first, let’s get a good idea of what study scores actually mean.

A study score of 30 is average, 40 is top 9% and 45 is the top 2%. A study score of 35 indicates you are in the top 26% of the state, so if you think about it, it’s a pretty amazing score! A 35 is not like getting a 70% and a 40 is certainly not like getting 80%.

The problem is that it’s hard to estimate what ATAR you’ll get based on your SAC mark.

You know that your ranking is more important than your actual score, but the thing is that classes around the state differ a lot. A SAC mark of 60% at a school that has many students whom perform well in Methods could be better than a SAC mark of 80% at a school where most students struggle. Remember, because of this, you can help boost each other’s score by working together to kill it on the exam: So be supportive!

This also means it’s hard to know what sort of ATAR you’ll get based on your SAC mark. However, you can ask your teacher what range of study scores previous students have got the last few years to give you some indication.

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