Workshops: More than a Lecture or a Class! Watch below:

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Maths Methods Workshops


  • Get prepared for the term
  • A single 4 hour session
  • Interactive

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Premium Maths Methods Academy


  • More effective than a tutor
  • Limited number of students
  • Tailored questions

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What’s the difference?

The Maths Methods Termly Workshops cover an entire term in just one day. There are only 3 Termly Workshops held this year and you won’t want to miss any of them. Unlike a Maths Methods Lecture, they’re full of interactive animations, practice questions and explanations that will ensure that even struggling students will understand the topics better than they ever thought possible.

The Maths Methods Academy is a series of weekly classes or workshops that is only available to a small number of students. These exclusive Workshops consist of short, easy to understand explanations coupled with uniquely designed practice questions. They enable students to exponentially increase their understanding in a way that even one-on-one tutoring is not capable of doing.

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