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What should you look for in a tutor?


1) An expert who has personally achieved great results in HSC Maths Methods


2) Who is engaging, relatable and can effectively communicate with their students


3) And will help their students get the best possible scores in their assessments

HSC Maths Methods Tutor Sydney


It’s a given that a tutor needs to be knowledgeable, which is we would only recommend tutors who have achieved a study score of 40 or above (which usually puts them in the top 7% of the state).  

However, the perfect tutor can’t just know about a subject, they must also be able to effectively teach the subject as well. For this, they need to be engaging and relatable, not only so they can successfully communicate complex ideas with relative simplicity but so that the student feels comfortable enough to ask questions without feeling nervous.

Of course, ultimately a student wants great results on their assessments and this is not only dependent on a tutor’s knowledge and ability to teach, but their experience. We recommend tutors who know how to score well on exams and assessments so that they can help give their students the confidence to get the results they deserve.

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How good are these tutors?


He was great at explaining concepts

Very helpful, he was great at explaining concepts which I didn’t understand and was patient with me, whilst I was trying to wrap my head around ideas. Thanks again!

Claudia, Student



He is able to make methods easy to learn

James is one of a kind – he has outstanding interpersonal and communication skills which quickly enable him to engage with his students and adopt his tutoring to their individual learning styles and needs. He quickly isolates their learning challenges and identifies the most time efficient straight forward approach to address a student’s learning difficulties. He is able to make methods easy to learn. This testimonial does not do adequate justice to a tutor who is more insightful and understanding beyond his years in his support of the academic needs of his students.

Debbie, Parent



She is an excellent tutor

Thank you for your excellent tutor, whom I felt was worth every cent. I was surprised to see Sarah’s original rate and that is why I asked her to increase her rate for our sessions. She is an excellent tutor, and my daughters have had private tutors and tutors from “Tutoring Excellence”. Sarah is a stand out! She is professional, true to her profile, organised, and an excellent role model for students. Please pass on our thanks to Sarah. Best wishes for your continual thriving business of motivated tutors!

Patricia, Parent


I would recommend their service to anyone

I was paired with a very experienced and qualified tutor who, after only one session, was able to give me the confidence and assistance I need. I would recommend their service to anyone who is struggling or wanting to improve with any of their subjects!

Stephanie, Student


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