1. How to Handle Application Questions

1. Applications questions are different...

We are used to simple textbook questions and wonder why we have trouble with applications questions. They are completely different to the type of questions you are used to.

Instead of telling you what to do (such as "Find x"), they ask for a result and you have to figure out what to do (see above video for an example).

It's a bit like asking a basketball player to play football and then wonder why they have trouble kicking goals, so it's no wonder you have so much trouble with them!

2. How to approach application questions

Here is a step-by-step methods of approaching exam questions:

1. Read the question thoroughly. Very important step that most students miss. No matter how brilliantly you do the Math, you won't get any marks if you aren't giving them what they ask for.

2. Find out which topic it is on by looking at key words (Such as "gradient" or "rate of change" for Calculus)

3. Write down all the number information and what it means. You may prefer to just highlight it, it doesn't matter as long as you can see it all and know what it means.

4. Look at available formulas for this topic. A method for answering the question might just pop out!

5. Draw diagrams. Sketch graphs, draw unit circles. Just make the question more visual for yourself. This almost always makes a question easier.


6. Just try SOMETHING! Many questions cannot be solved immediately, even to the brightest students, until they've tried several ways of tackling it. Don't give up! If one method doesn't work, the next one might.

In summary, the whole idea is to break it up into manageable pieces and just try doing things! Give it a go 🙂

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