8 Hacks for a Better Study Score in Methods

1. Hang out with students smarter than yourself. You have similar traits to the people you spend most your time with, so spend time with friends who are serious about killing it this year and you’ll do better yourself.

2. Eat and sleep well. This will help you feel better, be more alert and get more done.

3. Reward yourself every week for meeting study targets by catching up with friends or doing something else you find fun. Set up a goal and reward. Be careful to make doable targets because most students overestimate how much they can get done. Make your goal to do more than your previous week.

4. It's more important to study effectively than a lot. Turn off your phone, log out of Facebook and disconnect from the internet. You’ll get a lot more done in an hour if you remove all distractions (you know it’s true) and then you’ll have more time to do whatever you want once you’ve finished.

5. Practise more and read less. In maths you really need to practise questions to get any benefit. Reading notes makes you feel like you understand it, completing questions correctly proves you understand it and you learn much more.

6. Get fully prepared for your Tests by practicing previous tests. Each school has their own tests, so find questions similar to YOURS! If there are no previous tests that your teacher can give you, do exam-style questions instead.

7. Spend some of your study time doing exam questions under timed conditions. It doesn't matter if you're at the start of the year or the end, exam questions are what will prepare you for tests and exam, not textbook questions. You should do exam questions EVERY TIME YOU STUDY. Ideally 50% of more of your study time should be dedicated to this. If you don't have enough time, skip homework questions that are too easy for you and replace them with exam questions. Most teachers will understand if you explain that you are not being challenged enough by the textbook questions.

8. Make life easier by understanding the concepts. Practice is painful and takes twice as long if you are confused about what you’re studying. Check out my videos and cheatsheets for simple explanations of each topic.

Hope you found this useful! Best of luck!

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