1. Understanding Logarithms

Want the detailed explanation? Get the…

Year 10 Maths Methods

Maths Methods Video Tutorials

Colour and animations to prepare for Year 11 & 12 Methods

A massive advantage by learning concepts needed for Year 11 & 12

Short engaging videos they can watch any time

NOTE: This is designed to prepare students for topics relevant to Year 11 & 12 and is not the whole curriculum for Year 10.

How do these tutorials help?

The videos are fantastic!

They are probably the only thing that helped me pass my methods end of year exam.

G.M - Student

Highly qualified educator

Degrees in Mathematics/Astrophysics,

10 years of experience in education

Specialises in teaching VCE Maths Methods

This is what they will receive:

Full access to these video tutorials until December 31st, 2024

Over 3 hours of video tutorials to help prepare them for Year 11 & 12 Methods

24/7 access on any device with an internet connection


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Teachers, Parents and Students love these tutorials

Dr. Taylor, Teacher

Dr. Taylor, Head of Mathematics

"I was thrilled to see the videos that Alex Bell put together, they are informative, highly visual and super engaging! They offer students who can’t access the content an alternate entry point, while also being valuable for more capable students who would benefit from a deeper understanding of the ideas behind the skills they are carrying out."

RUTH, Student

This has made life so much better!

Thanks so much, seriously this has made life so much better! The amount of people I have recommended the program to is crazy. I found it so helpful and so did they!"

Mubin, Student

93% in both my methods exams!

Hey Alex, I went pretty well! Averaged around 85-90% throughout the year and got 93% in both my methods exams at the end of the year! This overview definitely helped when making end of year notes and reference book 😀

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  1. Hello Alex,
    Thank you for making maths more accessible for many students! the videos are wonderful!

    Starting at a point that is familiar and easy to understand is a great way of teaching.
    This may be not necessary for some students, it is essential for students who lost the connection with maths in previous years (and that is unfortunately a large proportion in the US where I am working as a math and dyscalculia specialist)
    This approach is certainly not common in most of the classroom teaching where only the last step to get to the answer is emphasized, since high school teachers suppose the knowledge and skills from previous years is still in their students' head or do not have the time in their full curriculum to do that.

    I really like your way of explaining and I recognize many of the representations I use albeit in a slower pace and with even more visuals and manipulatives for students (also adults) with Math LD / dyscalculia.

    Please keep up the good work and let me know if you are interested in more info about Math LD / dyscalculia,
    Kindly, Anneke Schreuder

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