A helpful exam technique


This is technique that a lot of students have used and hopefully it can help you.


Cycle through the exam. Do all the easy questions first and make sure you don’t spend too long each question. If a question is taking too long then move on. If you get stuck, move on. It’s okay to cycle through the Exam or test a few times. Just make a note of which questions you need to come back to.


The reason behind this is that the mind can come up with solutions when you are not thinking about a problem. When you first look at a question, you mind can subconsciously work it out when you are focusing on other ones.


To give you an example of how this works: there was probably a time where you couldn’t remember something and then it just randomly popped into your head when you weren’t thinking about it. This is you subconscious working out the problem for you!




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