How to study effectively


It’s not just a question of how many hours but the quality of study which is highly determined by this fact:


A person works most effectively when focusing on one thing at a time.


You never see a racing driver on the phone during a race, a surgeon is never updating her Facebook status during open-heart surgery and a singer is never thinking about her tax during a performance.

A person is most effective when they focus on the task at hand. Study is no different; if you are looking at cat videos, texting friends or even thinking about lunch during study times, then you are not studying as effectively as you could be.


Here’s the solution:

Put a timer on your phone for 40 minutes, find a nice spot by yourself and get rid of every distraction.

Start the timer.

From now on, you can only focus on your study. Until that timer goes off you can’t answer the phone, use the internet, take out the garbage or do ANYTHING but study.

Once the time has gone off, spend 10 minutes doing whatever you like. Then start the timer again.

This is a fantastic technique which forces you to focus on a singular thing.

Try it out and let me know how you go!

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